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Therapy is a place for you to
lay down the weight of the world, let your soul be soothed, and
seek a better quality of life.


Pull up a seat, and let's talk.


Welcome to 

Anchor of Hope Counseling

Having spent countless weekends on the water growing up, no place is more peaceful to me than the gentle rocking of a boat. Yet in storms, boats can be one of the most stressful places to be since they have no firm foundation to keep them in place and are easily blown around by the wind.

Ancient seafarers figured that out quickly, and they developed anchors and mooring techniques to regain some stability in their travels. When the storms of life start to blow, we also need something firm we can anchor ourselves in. 

I believe that hope is foundational to keeping us steady through life's storms. It fixes our gaze on what remains permanent, not the temporary gales that sometimes knock us off course. Therapy offers a way to cut loose the trauma and shame that weigh us down. When it feels like everything is falling apart, therapy can help develop the confidence to weather storms by offering new skills to help you navigate hardships.


If you are looking for a way to anchor your hope in a better future, I would be honored to accompany you on your journey.

Crystin Rice LMFT

Crystin Rice, LMFT


Where shall we start?


Start your individual journey toward peace and healing from abuse, trauma, low self-esteem, divorce, and grief.

Work toward breaking free from the grip of depression, anxiety, relationship conflict, personality disorders, binge-eating, and shame.

Develop new skills to cope with the challenges of parenting, co-parenting, caregiver stress, chronic illness/pain, life transitions, and issues related to aging.

You don't have to do this alone. 


Whether it's the family you grew up with, the family you have formed, or the family you chose, groups sometimes end up stuck in ruts and need a new perspective to help them move toward their goals.

  • Sometimes parents find they are struggling as their children grow into teens and the parenting strategies that worked so well earlier in life are no longer effective.

  • Sometimes forming a blended family doesn't go as smoothly as you hoped.

  • Sometimes people need to heal old wounds from childhood before they can maintain a relationship with their family.


I would be honored to support your family in identifying ways to best serve the needs of family members and bring healing and peace to the relationships. 


Nothing pokes at our insecurities and fears like an intimate relationship.


Often we find ourselves playing out the same argument over and over and can end up feeling stuck.


Uncover what's going on beneath that argument and start developing new and more effective ways to relate to each other

Ready to set an appointment? 

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