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Start your individual journey toward peace and healing.

Work toward breaking free from the grip of depression, anxiety, trauma, and shame.

Develop new skills to cope with the challenges that keep you from living the way you want.


 If you are struggling with the effects of depression, anxiety, abuse, trauma, relationship conflict, divorce, chronic illness/pain, personality disorders, low self-esteem, life transitions, and issues related to aging, you don't have to do this alone. I would enjoy working with you to take hold of the power you have in life and fully step into who you were created to be.  I partner with those struggling with binge-eating, caregiver stress, attachment concerns, and parenting/co-parenting to reduce the stress in their lives. As an experienced grief support group facilitator with specialized training in providing grief therapy, I find it an honor to support  those navigating grief and traumatic loss.


It can be hard to take the first step and reach out. If you are curious what it's like to visit
Anchor of Hope, learn more about your first appointment here.


Nothing pokes at our insecurities and fears like an intimate relationship. Often we find ourselves playing out the same argument over and over and can end up feeling stuck.

Emotions are often already raw by the time a couple reaches out for help. As a certified Prepare/Enrich facilitator who has completed Gottman Level I and II training and sought additional Emotion-Focused Therapy training, I will work with you to help uncover what's going on beneath that argument and offer guidance on how to get through the rough spots to keep you from continuing to get stuck in the same place. 


Whether it's the family you grew up with, the family you have formed, or the family you chose, groups sometimes end up stuck in ruts and need a new perspective to help them get back on track toward their goals. Sometimes it's parents who find they are struggling as their children grow into teens. Sometimes it's forming a blended family. Sometimes it's healing old wounds from childhood. I would be honored to support your family in identifying ways to best serve the needs of family members and bring healing and peace to the relationships. 


Divorce and separation touch the family members in a number of ways. If you are divorced or separated, therapy can help one or both partners develop skills that help them work together for the good of the children. As a former instructor for a court-approved parenting class, I work with families to support the best interest of the children while managing the difficult emotions of maintaining contact while managing conflict


As a certified Prepare/Enrich facilitator, I would be honored to help you prepare a solid foundation for your growing relationship. Pre-marital counseling can walk you through the major areas that challenge couples and help create a buffer against conflict as you create a life together.


Talk therapy benefits many clients, but for those with a trauma history, talk therapy may be more effective when it's supplemented with other techniques. Language is mostly processed through only the left side of the brain. That works well for cognitive therapies that rely on logic to change our perceptions. Research shows that traumatic events are held mostly in the right hemisphere and rarely make it into the logical left side.


Trauma-informed techniques that include sandtray, art, music, and movement offer a brain-based approach to treating trauma that can be more effective that talk therapy alone.

Using my training in these techniques, I can help clients activate both sides of the brain, which results in greater ability to work through the emotions toward new outcomes.


In addition, research has found that engaging in creativity and playfulness stimulates the production of helpful hormones that combat stress, depression, and anxiety.

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