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break the cycle

Identifying and Ending Abuse

The Duluth Model provides a visual overview of abusive practices in relationships and healthy alternatives. [article]

The Cycle of Abuse infographic shows the stages that relationships cycle through when abuse is present. [article]

Friday Fix: How to Stay Mentally Strong When Someone Is Gaslighting You. The VeryWellMind podcast [podcast]

A Word About Online Resources

My hope is to share resources here that are useful. Although I do my best to keep information current, it is possible for links to become outdated or for material to change. A link is not an endorsement of a particular person or organization, nor do I receive any incentives from them.


Keep in mind that these resources are not specific to your situation and therefore are not therapy or a substitute for mental health services. Please consult your therapist, physician, or other professional support for advice that is specific to you, and call your local 24-hour helpline (988) if you are in crisis.

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