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We are dying from the day we are born; life is about how we live in between.

Mental Health in Later Life

The Central Plains Area Agency on Aging offers a variety of helpful information for caregivers and those working through the challenges of later life, including social groups, assistance in selecting long term care, transportation assistance, and many other services. [website]


The Mental Health Foundation in the U.K. has suggestions on coping through common factors that affect mental health in later life, such as retirement, ways to stay connected, chronic illness, and the stress of becoming a caregiver. [website]

Support Groups

Peer support groups are often run by those who have personal experience with the subject of the group. There are often local and online groups that you can attend for free. is a great place to start your search for support groups for both the experiences of aging as well as those who are caregivers. This site also helps connect you with local resources and chat rooms. Sign up on the website, or access the service through its app.

A Word About Online Resources

My hope is to share resources here that are useful. Although I do my best to keep information current, it is possible for links to become outdated or for material to change. A link is not an endorsement of a particular person or organization, nor do I receive any incentives from them.


Keep in mind that these resources are not specific to your situation and therefore are not therapy or a substitute for mental health services. Please consult your therapist, physician, or other professional support for advice that is specific to you, and call your local 24-hour helpline (988) if you are in crisis.

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